Scent Plus mission is to apply the science of Scent Branding and Marketing to any place where people live and work. By setting extremely high goals, we create the right conditions so that Scent Marketing be applied to businesses of all kinds.




As research has shown, customers stay twice as long in businesses surrounded by an attractive scent. Implying that more consumers will make their purchases based on their feelings as time passes by! Additionally more than half of our decisions are impulsive, according to studies conducted by American Marketing Association. Therefore, it would be a wise attitude to not underestimate the power of scents in marketing and communication. In a word, marketing, especially, in our days, is a lot more than verbal interaction. That’s the reason why popular brands market their products with moments of experience.




In business scenting, scent branding aims to provide high quality customer experience to all consumers in hospitality, tourism and commerce. Additionally, in food and beverages industry, marketers focus on smell and taste, always, combined with a capturing atmosphere. It’s not by accident that marketers and researchers, worldwide, confirm that consumers actually do follow their noses.

More importantly, as market research have shown, this kind of consumer behavior, it’s relevant to any type of businesses. Particularly, in hotels, restaurants, retail stores and any other business where customers have a direct exposure to products. Thinking of a new way to brand your company? We could help you to choose the right scent signature for your brand. Level up your products and services by employing aroma branding!

Numerous businesses across Europe rely on our know-how, methodology and expertise. Learn how Scent Plus adds value to products and services, providing a unique customer experience.

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