ACC AKADEMIA COLLEGE Seminar | Highlights from our participation

  Once again Scent Plus, in collaboration with ACC AKADEMIA COLLEGE, participated with great success in the seminar held at the Forest Park Hotel in Cyprus. Professionals from the hotel industry and the tourism sector attended the event. Therefore, Scent Plus could not be missing from the seminar.  

The importance of Scent Branding for Hotels and the role of Scent Plus

The seminar was a great opportunity to get in touch with people who represent large hotel units in Cyprus. We had the chance to discuss the needs of their businesses, and communicate the application of Scent Branding, the process we follow to create the signature scent as well as the multiple benefits Scent Branding brings to hotels. Scent Branding has the perfect application (since travelers stay in the hotel for a long time and thus they develop a great emotional attachment to their accommodation). It is, after all, known that the aroma of each space is associated with specific emotions and desires they evoke and hotels can elaborate their strategy based on that fact. Creating the signature scent of a hotel is an important part of the communication strategy as it fully expresses the Hotel Concept. The process of creating a signature aroma is addressed to each type of accommodation, following a specific methodology and steps.


Differentiation from the competition

Scent Branding gives a competitive advantage to the Hotel, as it strengthens the Brand Personality and highlights its features and strategies.  


Creating Repeaters

Thus, the brand is imprinted in the memory and heart of the visitors, creating a strong emotional bond. Travelers want to return to the property, relive the wonderful experience, and spread the news everywhere.  


Unique Upselling opportunities

With the signature scent, the hotel can create a range of products for its own use or sale (cleaners, amenities, fabric fresheners, candles, reed diffusers, body perfumes). The products that carry the unique aroma of the hotel and private labeling can be a significant income and long-term benefit for the business.  


Your guests become the most eager supporters of your hotel!

#Highlights from our participation in the seminar

Once again, our participation in the seminar and our cooperation with ACC AKADEMIA COLLEGE were absolutely successful and brought to the maximum.  Our team was present and active throughout the seminar talking to hotel representatives about the role of Scent Branding and the rich benefits of creating a Signature Scent. Every business is unique.

Personalized design and implementation of Scent Branding is a big challenge for Scent Plus. In the seminar, we had the opportunity to talk with representatives of major hotels in Cyprus about the full implementation of Scent Branding and the immediate and visible benefits that their businesses can obtain from it.

All our actions always have a positive impact on the hotels’ marketing strategies with the sole benefit, of the love of travelers.

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Many thanks to ACC AKADEMIA COLLEGE, for the invitation to the seminar and for the excellent cooperation as well as to all those who attended it.


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