Air Disinfection System: The Ultimate Solution for Businesses

The needs of the time demand changes and there are solutions that will help all of us and especially businesses to adapt to the new circumstances. With an increased sense of responsibility towards the business world, which we have supported for so many years, Scent Plus introduces advanced air purification and disinfection systems that rid any common interior space of viruses, bacteria, and germs. Our company’s air sterilizers meet all European standards and they are equipped with high-tech filters that manage to keep away any pathogenic microorganisms.

In this article, we will see in detail why New Air Disinfection Systems are now necessary for every workplace and commercial, while also examining their effectiveness.


What are Air Disinfection Systems?

Air purification and disinfection systems are using special filters to clean the atmosphere of a room from pollutant particles, such as bacteria, viruses, and allergens, thus improving indoor air quality.
They are produced with high-tech HERA filters that improve the quality of the air we breathe indoors and protect our immune system from viruses and bacteria. Due to the unique multi-filter system, air sterilizers clean the atmosphere of the environment from bacteria, viruses, dust, chemical gases, and unwanted odors. Scent Plus air purification and disinfection systems have a specially designed multi-filter system and unlike other air purifiers, are specially designed to remove contaminated air from the level of respiration.


How does the Air Disinfection Systems work?


F8 Particle Filter: A particle is used to catches large particles to protect the HEPA filter. This filter improves air quality through pre-filtering.

Carbon Filter: Active carbon filters are capable of separating volatile organic compounds (VOC-Valatile Organic Compound), odors, and other gaseous pollutants from the air.

HEPA H14 Filter: HEPA filters obtained from glass wool have the feature of filtering particles, even small ones up to 0.3 microns. It provides ulta-sensitive filtration quality from 99% to 99.97%. It is proven by scientific studies that HEPA H14 Filters filter the air from the Corona Virus.



Where Air Disinfection System can be installed?


   1.  Hotels & Residences

With the summer season near the gates, it is very important for hotels and tourist accommodation to be prepared and fortified to welcome Travelers. In the Covid season, air purification systems will be essential in all public areas of the hotel such as the restaurant and Lobby. Having disinfection systems in all areas will make visitors feel safe while you will have shown the sense of responsibility that befits the difficult circumstances of Covid 19.


     2.  Restaurants

According to the latest discussions of the Ministry of Development, the key to opening the restaurant is in the air sterilizers, as they will allow the restaurants to accommodate customers indoors safely and responsibly. Scent Plus air purifiers allow you to properly prepare your restaurant for the big opening.


   3.  Retail and Clothing Shops

Retail and clothing shops are among the places that gather a lot of people every day and at all hours. Air purification and disinfection systems will help you properly prepare your store for the commercial opening and welcome buyers in a safe and sterile environment.


   4. Beauty centers and Hairsalon

Beauty salons and hairdressers are among the first industries that have opened their gates and operate normally following of course the necessary health rules. Air sterilizers will help you to provide a safe environment for your employees and customers.


  5.  Factories and Workshops

Create a safe environment for your business employees by offering them fresh air free of bacteria and viruses throughout their work in the field.


   6.Factories, Crafts, and Laboratories

Factories and laboratories are places that collect a lot of pollutants and bacteria in the air as they employ a large number of people. Protect your staff from viruses and bacteria by using Scent Plus air purification systems on your premises.


   7. Fitness- Gyms

Gyms are a place that needs constant care and disinfection. Get ready to open your gym using Scent Plus air sterilizers.


   8. Clinics and Hospitals

Clinics and hospitals are places visited daily by a large number of people with various diseases and infections. One way to keep the atmosphere clean and protect workers is with Scent Plus air purifiers.



Are Scent Plus air purification systems effective?

HEPA Filters are known to filter particles smaller than 0.3 microns, with an efficiency of 99.97%. The FROUMANN Air Purification Systems have been designed by experienced engineers in the Research and Development Laboratory of our company and follow all European instructions and conditions.




Ν80 SARS Cov-2 Test Report

SARS Cov-2 Test Report



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