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Lindos Hotels | A successful collaboration of Scent Plus with Megasystems


Scent Plus in collaboration with Megasystems created the Signature Fragrance for Lindos Hotels Group. The scent was applied to all the Group’s hotels – Gennadi Grand Resort & Spa, Lindos Grand Resort & Spa, Lindos Imperial Resort & Spa, Lindos Royal Resort & Spa και Lindos Village Resort and Spa.

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Scent Branding Case Study

The main objective of including the signature fragrance in the communication strategy of Lindos Hotels was to strengthen the Hotel Experience in all of the Group’s accommodations.

Signature Scent

The Signature Scent of the Lindos Hotels Group is based on the brand values and the Hotel Concept of its 5 luxury hotels – Gennadi Grand Resort & Spa, Lindos Grand Resort & Spa, Lindos Imperial Resort & Spa, Lindos Royal Resort & Spa, and Lindos Village Resort and Spa – as presented in the initial Scent Brief.

The signature fragrance of the Lindos Hotels Group represents its values, goals, and history.

The Ingredients of the Signature Fragrance

Nature – Hospitality – Well Being and strong elements from Greece create the signature scent of all five hotels.

Fresh notes of citrus fruits and white flowers combined with vanilla, cedar, and amber, highlight the atmosphere of relaxation and upgrade the quality of stay.

Each ingredient has its own exclusive role within the wonderful signature fragrance we created for the Lindos Hotels Group.

More specifically, the citrus fruits represent Greece, the spicy notes highlight hospitality, and the fruit aroma is associated with Well-being which is among the main characteristics of the Group.

In addition, the notes of white flowers create a romantic atmosphere, while the musk brings out the best in creativity.

Finally, the intense natural notes, of wood and amber, highlight the elegance and finesse that characterize all the hotels of the Group.

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The Success Story

The collaboration of Scent Plus with Megasystems for the Lindos Hotels Group was completely successful. It succeeded in highlighting the personality and characteristics of the hotels – a goal that was set by the Group from the beginning of our collaboration.

The environment has been upgraded while the Group’s strategy highlights now more than ever before the hospitality and well-being as well as an intense taste of Greece.


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