Managing music correctly is just as important as making the right choice. To ensure we can get the best out of a programme, we designed Melody mixer which is a piece of software that combines simplicity with maximum intelligence.

With MelodyMixer, someone who does not have any specialised technical knowledge can programme it once and the programme will play continuously, without interruption. However it will also be easy for a more specialised user such as a DJ to find the music they want and to make their own playlists.

You will be impressed by how simple it is to use and by how fully it covers everything you might need to create playlists.

Some of the features of the Melody Mixer are:


? Top music quality 320 Kbps (cd quality), fade in/out, song levelling


? Built-in equaliser to adjust the audio environment at any time 


? Ability to include your own adverts or even messages such as happy birthday 


? Music programming on 3 levels (per hour, per day, per period of time)


? Ability to create your own playlists


? Music automatically updated via Amazon

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