There is a huge selection of music with millions of songs to choose from and more being added every day.  Also, this music is divided into dozens of genres, comes from countries all over the world, all with different cultures, and, of course, was recorded in various different eras. And now, with the development of technology, everyone has access to almost all of this.

This makes it particularly difficult to select the right music. And we also have to bear in mind that the personal musical preferences of whoever is making the choice are also bound to play a role, despite the fact these may not always be appropriate for that particular kind of business.

Taking all this into account, and first and foremost the different needs of each individual business as determined by the sector it operates in, we have created various playlists of songs with particular criteria e.g. for Jazz music, we have the “classic jazz” playlist featuring the best-known artists of the genre and the greatest hits. But we also have “NY Jazz” featuring contemporary artists and “Acid Jazz” with a variety of Jazz musicians. In addition to this, jazz songs are also included in some other playlists where they fit in e.g. in mainstream music playlists.

Another factor we always keep in mind is that a business’ playlist cannot be flat, as we say in the music business: it should have a specific flow throughout the day and be different at weekends. As well as this, we should be able to alter the playlist, either on a seasonal basis (e.g. Christmas, Halloween etc), or for a specific event (e.g. launch, birthday party, etc.).We take all of the above into account so we can be sure that the musical identity of your business is established properly, reflects the character of your business and differentiates it from its competitors. 

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