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We take your philosophy, your target audience and your business culture into account when we design and deliver customised music solutions which create the ultimate consumer experience for your customers. Because music should always be in perfect harmony with the mood and atmosphere of your business. With our many years of experience and our scientific backgrounds, we can create and propose solutions which are designed to increase your sales.



We analyse your business profile and design music that is a perfect match for your customers and for the style of your business or venue/retail site.


We have the largest group of music producers who work with all the various different musical genres. We constantly keep our music up to date with all the latest releases and the best tracks from all kinds of music.


We have a specialised helpdesk that can provide immediate help for any technical needs you may have and is also ready to solve any problems you might have with audio, music or with using our online platform.


Our legal service can provide you with all the information and legal coverage you need in relation to music.



Copyrighted (Allmusic) is the name for music where you have to pay a fee to the relevant organisations if you broadcast it publicly (i.e. if you “play” music in your business). This requirement also applies if you have a TV in your business. The prerequisites for a certain piece of music to be considered “copyright” are: (a) it must “belong” to at least one known creator, someone whose identity is known (this does not apply, for example, to folk songs where the writer is unknown;  (b) the copyright duration has not expired, that is, it is less than 70 years since the author’s death, and (c) the creator has assigned the protection of the work to a collection body: “Independent Management Entity”, “Collective Management Agency” or “Copyright Management Organisation”


Every space is unique. And its choice of music programme should be just as unique. Specialised music curators design music to suit your business.This music reflects the philosophy of the business, helps to create the atmosphere you are looking for and adds to customer satisfaction. Any individual customer will want to listen to different music in different places. We help to ensure that your business premises are in sync with the music playing there which, in turn, will motivate customers to spend more time there. A good experience with music is something that will bring customers back to your business and motivate them to recommend it to their friends and acquaintances.


There is a huge selection of music with millions of songs to choose from and more being added every day.  Also, this music is divided into dozens of genres, comes from countries all over the world, all with different cultures, and, of course, was recorded in various different eras. And now, with the development of technology, everyone has access to almost all of this.


Enjoy all the radio hits without the adverts. We monitor the playlists of all the popular radio stations every day and select the most popular songs which are suitable for your individual business.


We have created a large and varied selection of different “channels” for all kinds of cafés and we will suggest the channel that is best suited to your business. These channels also vary according to the time of day. This way, your customers can enjoy great music which is in tune with their mood every moment of every day and which reaches its peak at the weekend.


First impressions last forever! The way you welcome your guests is important and should reflect the feelings you, as the hotelier ,want to convey to your customers. We ensure that the music played in every part of the hotel is in tune with the atmosphere and helps to transform your guests’ visit to the hotel into a wonderful integrated experience.


Music sets our taste buds free! Just as every kitchen has its own flavours, it also needs its own tempo. From a rich range of Greek music including the oldest and rarest performances to the most up-to-date sounds, we help to turn a simple meal into a “Musical Symposium”


Beers and spirits should be accompanied by more lively, louder music. We can take  your customers on a musical journey which starts with Jazz & Rock and ends with House & Dance at party time, with stops at R&B and mainstream on the way.


Two wonderful musical experiences that are so similar and yet so different from each other. When we are in the gym, we need energy and intensity to raise the tempo and to fit in with our work-out. At the spa, we need total relaxation and tranquillity with music that helps us to tune into our “inner selves”. 


A good music playlist can draw attention to the store and help your reach your target audience. Let our music complement your store in a unique way and fill it with music and melodies that are a perfect match for your business.


Managing music correctly is just as important as making the right choice. To ensure we can get the best out of a programme, we designed Melody mixer which is a piece of software that combines simplicity with maximum intelligence.

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