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We take your philosophy, your target audience and your business culture into account when we design and deliver customised music solutions which create the ultimate consumer experience for your customers. Because music should always be in perfect harmony with the mood and atmosphere of your business. With our many years of experience and our scientific backgrounds, we can create and propose solutions which are designed to increase your sales.



We analyse your business profile and design music that is a perfect match for your customers and for the style of your business or venue/retail site.


We have the largest group of music producers who work with all the various different musical genres. We constantly keep our music up to date with all the latest releases and the best tracks from all kinds of music.


We have a specialised helpdesk that can provide immediate help for any technical needs you may have and is also ready to solve any problems you might have with audio, music or with using our online platform.


Our legal service can provide you with all the information and legal coverage you need in relation to music.




Businesses which use music from the Allmusic platform will also have to pay fees to the copyright management organisation which manages the rights for the music (usually Autodia, ΕΥΕΔ or GEA)

Safe Music


This music is provided with all rights (copyright and related rights) prepaid. This means that any business using it is not required to pay anything to a Copyright Management Agency” such as Autodia, ΕΥΕΔ or GEA


Our expert consultants are available to help you choose the music package which suits your business best. To do this, we look at the areas of your premises where the music is going to be played publicly.

For example, if you have a DJ more than twice a week, or if you definitely need to play popular songs for your customers (e.g. in a reception hall for weddings etc), then you should choose the Allmusic category.

If, on the other hand, you have a café or a restaurant etc where music is not absolutely essential, but you want to play music to make the time your customers spend there more pleasant, then the best solution for you is Safemusic.

And if you run a hotel, a mixed solution is probably the best for you. In the lobby and other areas where your customers do not spend a lot of time, and in areas such as restaurants, spas and gyms Safemusic is usually the best choice. In specific areas, such as reception halls for weddings etc and sometimes the Beach Bar where it is necessary to play well-known music, you will need to opt for Allmusic This way we can lower the copyright costs significantly for hotels.


What is copyrighted music?

Copyrighted (Allmusic) is the name for music where you have to pay a fee to the relevant organisations if you broadcast it publicly (i.e. if you “play” music in your business). This requirement also applies if you have a TV in your business. The prerequisites for a certain piece of music to be considered “copyright” are: (a) it must “belong” to at least one known creator, someone whose identity is known (this does not apply, for example, to folk songs where the writer is unknown;  (b) the copyright duration has not expired, that is, it is less than 70 years since the author’s death, and (c) the creator has assigned the protection of the work to a collection body: “Independent Management Entity”, “Collective Management Agency” or “Copyright Management Organisation”

What are the Creative Commons?

The Creative Commons are a community where any creator can upload their music and make it available for free. No one has the right to ask you for money for Creative Commons music and using it does not cover you legally for not paying the organisations. You are vulnerable to legal challenges!

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