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Nosera: The Ultimate Travel Experience…


Scent Plus welcomes its new premium service for hotels called NOSERA!  



Sensory Marketing for Hotels: Why is it Important?

Sensory coverage in hotels is the new trend in Marketing. Now, guests wish to live unique experiences during their stay in hotels, which will provide unforgettable memories for them. Sensory Marketing enhances the hotel experience and highlights the hotel concept of the accommodation, artfully engages the senses, and determines the perception, determination, and behavior of the guests. In short, it is the strategy that differentiates a hotel from the competition and gives it a special place in the hearts and minds of travelers.


Nosera: The new Era in Marketing

  service for hotels


Our new premium service, NOSERA, engages two of the five senses, smell and hearing, giving hotel guests the ultimate stay experience.

According to the latest research, the combination of smell and hearing covers 47% of the influence of the visitors’ behavior, enhancing impulsive and spontaneous mood.

With our new NOSERA service, after analyzing the hotel concept and the brand identity of the hotel, we propose the appropriate solution, which will highlight the unique character of the accommodation.


Nosera: Areas of Application



Lobby | The NOSERA service enhances the creation of the guests’ first positive feelings from the exact moment they arrive at the hotel.

Wellness-Spa | The development of sensory stimuli accelerates feelings of relaxation, calmness, security, and balance in travelers.




Restaurant | The continuous sensory stimuli of smell, taste, and hearing awaken the senses and give visitors unique experiences.

Gym | With the right sensory stimuli of smell and hearing, the gym space sends out messages and the body becomes a receiver of energy, dynamism, and well-being.


Hotel Show 100%: The presentation of our new Nosera service


The first official presentation of our new service, Nosera, will take place at the 100% Hotel Show, for hoteliers and villa owners.

The exhibition will be held on November 18 – 21, at the MEC Paianas.

As every year, this year too, Scent Plus will be there discussing with the hotel and accommodation industry professionals and providing them with innovative solutions and suggestions. We will be delighted to see you in person and discuss with you how our new service, NOSERA, can contribute to the development of your business and the goals you have set for it.


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