The Clear Score system can provide 24 hour cover and, when combined with correctly applied Good Hygiene Practices, it will ensure that your business is clean and free from flies and mosquitoes etc…. Even at the times of year when insects are most common. 

The product is approved by the Ministry of Rural Development & Food, License No. 12646 / 10-11-2005 & the Cyprus Ministry of Agriculture of Natural Resources & Environment B1065 / 9-7-2014

Efficacy studies

  • Technical report from the Department of Aeronautics and Space Engineering, Technical University of Turin 

(The highest concentration of the biocidal product found in a given area under normal air-renewal conditions is far less (170,000 times) than concentrations that would endanger human health)   

  • Acute oral toxicity study
  • Acute respiratory toxicity study → From a renowned laboratory in Italy
  • Skin Irritation Study
  • Effectiveness studies with this particular method of use
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