Scent your business. Scent & Color change the mood of the venue. In fact, some combinations are particularly addictive because we want to repeat what provokes positive emotions. Branding of venues, packaging and products gets from color to perfume, accompanying visitors and consumers, in their purchasing decisions.

What’s impressive, though, even for those who shape scent marketing is not that much the number of fragrances. But, how representative they are in feelings! Sometimes even a rich vocabulary – it’s not enough to describe a perfume!


As perfume makers say, the top notes of a fragrance, commonly, belong to citrus fruits – such as lemon or citron. At the heart of a perfume we meet flowers, fruits, spices and herbs. While, the base of the fragrance consists of woody notes. In modern business world – branding is the king!


We have a huge bank of over 50,000 flavor ingredients that can make millions of scent suggestions. The huge variety in the categories of the final proposals can offer to brands and businesses the one that suits them best.

Tommy is our aroma! The fragrance that awakens all the senses. Lavender and lemon are the top, strong notes of Tommy, while the true character of that fragrance is sandalwood, fir and musk. Popular brands have chosen Tommy variants – because it is a memorable fragrance with personality which features a brand. In business and life, Tommy is synonymous with euphoria and fullness!


Our emotions control our mood! Don’t you think that mentality, temperament and culture are the expression of feelings? Sweet Caramel awakens teen spirit! Think for a moment, caramel was the secret that transformed a soft drink to the most popular soda in the whole world! In fact, all the powerful brands, with no exception, build strong emotional bonds with consumers!

We study products and brands in order to come up with our scenting suggestions. Additionally, our scenting methods depend, always, on the type of businesses, the time period and the duration. Learn why global brands employ scent marketing!

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