Scent Branding for Hotels: Create Repeaters in 4 simple steps


What are Hotel Repeaters, and why are they important to your business?

The term “repeaters” refers to those guests who show their love and devotion to your hotel and prefer you for their stay without a second thought. Research has shown that most of the business revenue comes from happy customers who choose the same brand over and over again. Increased loyalty and customer satisfaction are some of the most important points that hotels are looking for. The concept of repeaters is not limited to those who return again and again, but also to those who write positive reviews, recommend it and talk about it to all acquaintances and friends. The hotel for all repeaters is the one and only destination of their trip.


How to increase repeaters in your hotel through Scent Branding?

Scent Branding is the process of researching and studying brand values and decoding them into fragrances.


#1 Record your hotel Brand Personality & Values

  Through the detailed scent brief of the hotel, we record all the necessary information that plays a key role in creating a personalized perfume. Values, vision, and goals are the only storytelling of a hotel. This uniqueness is reflected in the signature fragrance.


#2 Study of the data by experienced perfumers of Scent Plus

  Top perfumers of our company, study and create a unique fragrance that highlights the personality traits – as well as the strategies – of the hotel.


#3 Create a Signature Fragrance with a special certificate of uniqueness and exclusive use.

  The in-depth study of the values results in 3 to 4 choices of olfactory propositions that fully represent the hotel. The one and only choice of signature fragrance is a tool of marketing strategy for the hotel.


#4 Scent Branding will enhance the imprint of this experience in the memory and heart of the hotel’s guests.

  A hotel signature fragrance can be used in many product applications that travelers will take with them. The refreshing ability of the fragrance makes guests reminisce about their stay, creating the strongest emotional bond.

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