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Scent Plus in collaboration with ACC AKADEMIA COLLEGE participated in the seminar “Improving Quality in Restaurants”, held in Cyprus, at the Rodon Mount Hotel & Resort in Agros, for professionals in the field of restaurants and food services.



How do the high-quality environment-improving services enhance the quality the quality of the restaurant experience?


At Scent Plus we know that scent plays a key role in stimulating desire, environmental cleanliness enhances business loyalty, and safety and hygiene can play a key role in strengthening bonds between consumers and businesses.

The service of applying targeted fragrance in a restaurant, even the creation of olfactory zones based on schedule, disinfection of the toilet, and insect repellent are services necessary for every restaurant that wants to stand out and to create bonds of loyalty and trust with its audience.

As Sensory Marketing Experts we could not miss the event, which was a great opportunity to meet, listen to and talk with restaurant owners and Managers from Cyprus and abroad.

With our presentation we informed the interested parties about the important role of the application of our services in restaurants, we presented specialized products, specially designed for restaurants such as inactivation of kitchen odors, insect repellent for open areas, etc. The response and interest were quite high and we helped many professionals to see in front of them the solutions they were always looking for.


#Highlights of our participation in the Seminar

Our participation in the Seminar “Improving Quality in Restaurants” was once again an absolute success. Those interested in the field of restaurants became familiar with the absolutely clean and healthy environment of the ideal company, and they saw that they can apply it in their business and reach the top in an innovative way!

On the other hand, the Scent Plus team had the opportunity to present our company, and the services and products it offers to professionals who want to take the next step in their business.

The Scent Plus team was there throughout the seminar giving advice and solutions to the industry professionals.


scent plus in seminar for restaurants

Sensory Marketing for Restaurants by Scent Plus

Many thanks to ACC AKADEMIA COLLEGE, for the invitation to the seminar and the excellent cooperation, as well as to those who attended.


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