Café-bar businesses should make full use of the entire Sensory Marketing range. Scent and music combined create the ultimate atmosphere, relaxation, fun and entertainment, all of which are key features of these businesses.

Differentiating changes of use throughout the day

Sensory Marketing can be used in different ways during the day. In the morning you might be looking for the smell of coffee, cheesecake or biscuits and your customers might want to hear lounge or ambient music. If you are serving lunch at midday, basil, tortilla and pizza fragrances and relaxed ethnic music are a good choice, while at night everything becomes more intense with a scent with hints of cocktails (pina colada, brandy, strawberry daiquiri, amaretto etc.) while louder rock, jazz, R&B and mainstream music sets the beat.Sensory Marketing reaches into the very heart of a café-bar business. Our senses work “overtime” when we visit somewhere like this, and each and every stimulus can give a venue a different atmosphere. It goes without saying that for venues such as café-bars, a combination of fragrance and music is not only a trend, but a must.

The benefits

Using Sensory Marketing in a café bar brings a wide selection of benefits to both business and consumers. It helps the business to create an emotional bond with its customers and reinforces its identity. The consumers experience a unique, multi-sensory experience which will remain etched in their hearts and minds forever.

Additional Services

Using disinfectant (Diotan Disinfectant) in the toilet area of a restaurant makes the consumer feel more secure and confident about the business. Businesses should pay particular attention to toilet areas which are used by the public and should ensure that these areas are as hygienic as possible.

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