Why Scent Plus

Scent Plus was established with the aim of introducing the science of Sensory Marketing to every kind of area where people live and work. We set ourselves particularly high goals so that we can create the best conditions for applying Multi Aesthetic Marketing in the most effective ways to businesses of all kinds. Brands are highlighted and their position in the market is strengthened when our five human senses are included in their communication policy.


Today, Sensory Marketing can be used as a strategic development tool by any brands to create the best conditions for increasing their sales. Businesses all across Europe trust us thanks to our know-how, the methodology we use and the dynamic experience we offer. All these strengths add value to the products and services we provide as they enable us to give consumers a unique experience. 


Everyone in Scent Plus is involved in ongoing training and education which follows global trends and developments in our industry. This means that we are in a perfect position to provide every business with the right “tools” and with personalised services to create a unique consumer experience for their target audience.


“To become the No 1 Multi-Sensory Marketing company. To conquer the whole world by using our human senses for the benefit of consumers.”


Scent Plus is a pioneer in Sensory Marketing in Europe. We analyse how our senses influence consumer behaviour, and we propose & implement personalised services for businesses.
We offer a creative and highly interactive environment which enables our partners to develop their skills and to participate actively in creating products and services which will benefit both businesses and consumers.


We are committed to providing excellent service for our customers

Whatever we do, we do it well

We are tuned in to then needs and wishes of the market and we create new products.

We respect our network of partners, together we are building a long-lasting, mutually profitable, relationship

Work smart, act fast, adapt to developments and have the courage to change strategy when necessary

We have a positive work environment and we bring out our happy & creative sides


Scent +, as a company, presents a complete concept that is unique and offers a great business opportunity for people who want to work both passionately and methodically. The company’s extensive history, its 27 years of experience, management know-how and unique products, are some of the factors which lead to our success. Innovation is a key feature of Scent +, which is why the company is a market leader and is the leading company in every area of its business ​​activity. Franchise-holders “build up” their own clientele and generate recurring revenue. They have the opportunity to cover a large area of ​​activity and to develop their business, generating high incomes.
Being a Scent + franchise-holder offers you unique benefits as Scent + gives its B2B customers the answer to all their questions about improving their customers’ experience. Sensory marketing activates one of mankind’s most powerful senses and Scent + knows exactly how to develop this for every business.
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