Discovering the Neutral Odour Inactivator



Discovering the Neutral Odor Inactivator

In our everyday life, odours play an important role in creating a sense of space. Particularly within our business, eliminating unpleasant odours is crucial to creating a pleasant atmosphere. Being aware of this importance, we have created the Neutral Odour Inactivator, which enhances the fragrance experience in any space.



Neutral is not just an odour inactivator

It is your ally in tackling unpleasant smells, enabling your environment to glow with freshness and a fresh feel.  Its special atmospheric technology neutralizes odors at their source instead of masking them with other substances, leaving the air clean and preparing the space to receive the fragrance your brand is based on.







Key Features

One of the key features of Neutral is its powerful odour neutralizing formula. Unlike traditional air fresheners that simply mask odors with excessive fragrances, Neutral tackles the problem head-on by breaking down odor molecules and neutralizing them, effectively eliminating unpleasant odors without leaving any lingering traces behind. Whether it’s the strong smell of food preparation in a kitchen, the strong smell of cigarettes, or the unpleasant odours often found in packaging areas, Neutral is up to the task.

Its advanced formulation is specifically designed to combat a wide range of odours, ensuring that your environment remains fresh and inviting. It can be placed in any preparation and packaging area.  Regardless of whether it is an industrial production facility or a food laboratory, Neutral will keep your environment fresh and aromatic.





If you are a business owner and want to maintain a pleasant atmosphere for your customers and employees, Neutral is the ultimate solution. With its unparalleled odor neutralizing power and ability to enhance the effectiveness of fragrances, Neutral is revolutionizing odor management.



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