Sensory Marketing can be applied in any store. The combination of music and scent can create the ultimate consumer environment in any business. If you use Sensory Marketing, consumers will spend longer in your store which gives them more opportunity to purchase goods and Sensory Marketing also creates an emotional bond between your shop and your customers. And, of course, it differentiates you from your competition at every level. The right combination of the two senses – hearing and smell – in perfect harmony, gives your retail space prestige, a distinct identity and a unique personality.

Both male and female shoppers are looking for somewhere which is highly differentiated to visit and every stimulus we provide can put them in the mood to buy more. Both scents and different types of music attract men and women differently. With our huge range of fragrances and music channels, we are in the perfect position to recommend those that best suit your business.

Businesses can take advantage of all Scent Marketing’s services and create their own signature scent with Scent Branding. Businesses which do this can use the fragrance in a large variety of ways in their retail space and can also market their own products with their own fragrance.

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