Scent +, as a company, presents a complete concept that is unique and offers a great business opportunity for people who want to work both passionately and methodically.

The company’s extensive history, its 27 years of experience, management know-how and unique products, are some of the factors which lead to our success. Innovation is a key feature of Scent +, which is why the company is a market leader and is the leading company in every area of its business ​​activity.

Franchise-holders “build up” their own clientele and generate recurring revenue. They have the opportunity to cover a large area of ​​activity and to develop their business, generating high incomes.

Being a Scent + franchise-holder offers you unique benefits as Scent + gives its B2B customers the answer to all their questions about improving their customers’ experience. Sensory marketing activates one of mankind’s most powerful senses and Scent + knows exactly how to develop this for every business.



Area Exclusivity

Scent + franchise-holders cover very large areas where they can introduce our services and where they can develop the market. Every city is host to many businesses that need Scent Marketing so they can attract customers of their own.


Support team

We have a support team which helps franchise-holders to develop their local market effectively. We are the only company in our market which provides this service and it helps Franchisees to gain new customers without making any further investments, something which gives them a significant competitive advantage over competitors.


Key Account

We run a key account sales department which is staffed by experienced and reputable salespeople. Our entire network throughout Greece benefits from the centralised sales agreements which it develops and from existing contracts the company has already completed, and also from the full monitoring of these agreements by the company


Dynamic Marketing

We constantly launch targeted promotions, participate in exhibitions, and collaborate with large companies both to enhance the company’s image in the market and to achieve indirect and immediate sales growth. Our Scent + and Mega Systems brands are recognised by professionals and are synonymous with quality and reliability. Our goals are to attract new customers, to increase our monthly turn-over and to gain our customers’ trust.


Wide range of unique, certified products

We are the only company that offers certified products to control insect infestations and disinfect affected areas which have all the necessary documentation to ensure consumers’ complete health and safety. At the same time, we can also create unique fragrances that will reflect any company’s identity.


The company is the market leader in providing scents for professional premises

In Greece, we are developing through Mega Systems, which has been the leading force in the market for professional perfume for over 27 years. Mega Systems is the company that researches, innovates, creates and drives industry developments. It covers more than 55% of the market, whereas the remaining 45% of the market is shared between all competitors. Every year we grow and develop and acquire a greater market share in every city where we operate.