The integrated Diotan system offers 24-hour Coverage of toilet areas.

It keeps toilets clean and disinfected and gives you and your customers as strong sense of security and safety.

The product is approved by the National Organisation for Medicines with License Number 39509 / 12-6-2007 & by the Cyprus Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources & Environment B1024 / 6-5-2014 

Effective Disinfectant 

Each drop of Diotan Ocean Fresh contains 7% CB50, a highly active disinfectant. It is worth noting that Diotan meets all the requirements to be considered a “disinfectant“. The efficacy of the product has been tested by a specialised laboratory on the basis of both EN 1040 and EN 1276 standards. A substance is considered to be a disinfectant if it meets both standards. 

Effective Cleaner

Each drop of Diotan Ocean Fresh contains three modern, very powerful detergents that, thanks to their concentrated form, clean the toilet quickly and efficiently and decompose immediately which means that they do not damage the environment. 

Neutralises Odours

Each drop of Diotan Ocean Fresh contains the active ingredient Odor-X, which breaks down and deactivates unpleasant odours. 


Stops scale build up

Each drop of Diotan Ocean Fresh contains the powerful ingredient EDTA, a substance that has the ability to bind the salts that cause scale so your toilet stays clean and free of salts that accumulate inside it. 


Each drop of Diotan contains Ocean Fresh, a fragrance specially adapted to give toilet areas the ultimate feel of freshness and cleanliness. 

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