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Hotel Operation Group | Scent Branding Case Study

  Hotel Operation Group trusted us to create the Signature Scent for its elegant hotels, Terra Mare Μilos, Kythnos Bay Hotel, Villa Manikas, and Canal Suites.

signature scent case study  

The Signature Scent

Quality – Luxury – Tradition – Relaxation

We created for the Hotel Operation Group its Signature Scent based on the shared characteristics of the four hotels belonging to the Group as they were analyzed in our first meeting with the client during the Brand study and analysis.

The main pillars of the four hotels belonging to the Group are based on systematic organization and deep knowledge of the guests’ needs, they focus on professionalism and responsibility as well as on the promotion of unpretentious luxury.
Thus, we created for the Hotel Operation Group, a scent full of elegance and finesse that uniquely highlights the calmness and endless dynamics of the Group’s hotels.  

The Ingredients of the Signature Fragrance

An excellent delicate scent that brings to mind strong elements of Greece and summer.

Top Notes| Citrus notes bring the powerful personality of the hotels.

Middle Notes | Sophisticated notes of flowers highlight the calmness and relaxation of the accommodations. 

Base | The base of cedar wood, amber, sophisticated patchouli, tonka, moss, and oak empowers the strict luxury of the Group’s hotels.  


hotel operation group    

The application of the Signature Scent

The Signature Fragrance was applied to all Group properties for use within the hotels as well as an upselling opportunity.

More specifically, the Terra Mare Milos and Villa Manikas accommodations used the signature scent in Fabric Fresheners.

Canal Suites used the scent in scented candles reinforcing the identity of the Hotel and creating upselling prospects.

Finally, Kythnos Bay Hotel applied Signature Scent to scented candles, reed diffusers, and fabric fresheners creating the ultimate Hotel Experience.  


hotel operation group    

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